Wild Horse Immediately Recognizes His Girlfriend After Years Apart | The Dodo Faith = Restored

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    Wild horse sprints to his girlfriend after 2 years apart 💕
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    1. btesskeetit

      i have so much appreciation towards this woman for being so dedicated to reunite them again.

    2. Don Damage

      Whoever is doing the voice over, im either in a bad mood or you really need to relax good god

    3. Elicia Adams

      Damn these videos.. Always make me cry

    4. barbara Tucker

      That is so awesome! What a heart warming story ❤ God bless you for your diligence in reuniting these 2 beautiful horses! May your rewards be counted and received in heaven! 🙏

    5. Gary Esposito

      And a special thank you to the BLM for trying to eradicate Wild Horses...Your Tax Dollars at Work.

      1. Bailey Evans

        Omg they are trying to keep them from starvation

    6. Парвина Ахророва


    7. Josey Wales

      Oh lady .....

    8. Shainak

      Cool fact: "Heartland" tv series has 2 horses named phoenix and ghost

    9. Fabiola Graceffa

      You are such a beautiful person! Thank you!!

    10. Rainbow Earth warrior

      Your such a beautiful empath and understand the connection of family/bond in this moment you kept pursuing. I teared up just watching them reunited. I look forward to more soul rewarding moments. Thank you for sharing. HOPE.

    11. Max Payne

      horse has better relationship than my relationship with my girlfriend

    12. Alis Firanka

      This actually made me cry because it reminds me how strong and beautiful love is.

    13. Omar Scruggs

      Maybe yall can help me. Im looking for my ex name Maggie. About 5'3. 120lbs. We got separated about 10 years ago when she changed her # and blocked me on social media

    14. Alp Eksioglu

      Beautifull people ,gave m hope💕

    15. Nicole DeGrio

      O my gosh...thank you so much for your diligence in bringing them back together❤ this was beautiful😭(happy tears🤭)

    16. Kerri Schneider

      Wow - what a GREAT story !!! Thank you for sharing that! Good stuff !!!

    17. WildcatCrawdad pogu

      That's a cool dog check the description if you don't know what I'm talking about

    18. Nivaan Dedhia

      So cute

    19. RTD

      Thx now I feel better 😑

    20. chilitoday

      These two are gorgeous

    21. Ancestor Empire


    22. Kerry Wallum


    23. Mathew Pelfrey

      Y’all think this is so sweet they lost eachother and she brought them back together but she brought them back together and they will lose eachother all over again eventually.

    24. Michelle Correll

      How very beautiful!

    25. Maia The Raisin

      JESUS loves you, John 3:16, but also hell is very real. JESUS died on the cross for the forgiveness of sins and salvation of our souls. we can be saved through GOD’s grace when we put our faith in JESUS that HEtook our sin punishment

    26. Angela Handley

      That was wonderful thanks so much

    27. Sophie Worley

      thank you for doing this for this family

    28. Cyrus Dabar ben Yisrael

      Beautiful Testement to our Loving Creator YHWH and his beautiful Love instilled within all of his creatures.

    29. Angyama

      You are a wonderful human being!

    30. James Oliveros


    31. Gcm Astrl

      I'm cutting onions. Dont mind me T-T

    32. Diaspora Device

      That is sweet beyond the pale

    33. Archie Way

      get saved in christ right now before it's to late. just pray that you believe he died for your sins and that he is your Lord and savior then tell him to enter your life. when you say this that dead spirit in you comes alive, your born again, soul is saved from hell, name written in the book of life. after that get to know God. repent and trust in God. serve God, you will be rewarded.

    34. Craigsteele Steele

      So sweet

    35. Dr Rupal Mohan

      You did an outstanding job 👏🌹

    36. Kesrudee Pumpoung

      Well that builds up my depression Lol

    37. Organic Trash

      "Horses are not monogamous animals, and pairs of horses do not establish lifelong relationships." :/

      1. Neil Ovenden

        Yes but not in this story

    38. melissa lopez

      I think ive seen this movie before...

    39. HiGh ArT AlErT

      That's a happy Bo-Jack!

    40. Colleen Cude

      I want to know why anyone would click the dislike button? Why?

    41. Horsey Dreams

      Omg I'm so happy for them!!!!!! Phoenix looks so happy & so does Gost!

    42. L C

      Beautiful story, hard to believe that anyone would give this story a thumbs down!!

    43. booptidyscoop

      And then pheonix got down on one "neigh"

    44. Steve Lowther

      Knowing people like this exist and are making such amazing things happen is why I don't lose faith in humanity.

    45. Kenneth Rice

      You could have spent all that money and resources you obviously have and adopted some Children

    46. kachan for life

      Dang, I don't cry much but this hit me right in the feels. Anyone else?

    47. Linda Harris

      Omg...Thank you! now I have tears running down mine.

    48. Iam Gay


    49. Joshu Roberts


    50. Aubria Lamendola

      Incredible! This warms my heart🥰❤️

    51. Gabriel Seaff

      What a wonderful love story. Animals got feelings too. Lets all learn to respect nature. You are a marvelous person by bringing them together for life. Bless your heart.

    52. Moe Reposts

      Seems like some heartland stuff ahahaha

    53. Agnes Ingadottir

      Me: (watches video) Add: war robots

    54. Cory Anthony Dakis

      Happy Horses

    55. Davita Devito

      Amazing Love Story...Now thats True Love

    56. boggo

      I'm so happy for them.

    57. YouGottaBeKidding

      Bless this lady! This brought joyful tears to my eyes.

    58. Ethan Collins

      I’ve legitimately never seen a horse flop around on its back like a dog

    59. Sarasvati Parvati

      Such a beautiful story 🙏💫💜♾💜💫🙏

    60. Issuh

      Single nation, how we feelin?

    61. Dark Lili

      Phœnix race ? what type ? He is beautiful

    62. tine devroye

      oh, you did made me cry! you see: animals are REAL AND TRUe, and so called humans..? (better trust the ones who don't use words..

    63. D-Repa slp

      That brown horse has a Moose face

    64. Katrina Kessler

      Thank you for being wonderful human beings to bring these horses back together again; you are angels on this planet!

    65. Carista D' Angelica

      That's amazing. 😊🙏

    66. Gautham Prabhu

      Awesome bonding.

    67. Just someone

      This reminds me so much of Spirit

    68. Lava Williams

      Even a horse have a better love life than me

      1. bowen voowy

        Thank you for being wonderful human beings to bring these horses back together again; you are angels on this planet!

    69. Cameron Enoch

      Those horses look WAY bigger than most horses I've seen lol

    70. Jackson Kent Evans

      this is awesome.. animals are way more then many of us think.

    71. Just some guy with pink hair

      Still a better love-story than Twilight

      1. bowen voowy

        That brown horse has a Moose face

    72. Max Kahn

      That's a wife, not a girlfriend. Just so we're clear.

    73. Nini

      Aww...love this story!

    74. Legends lightning & steel


    75. Bong Kevin Buñag

      This can be a good plot for a Disney movie or something..

    76. Hoang Nguyen

      Alright im stay vegetarian

    77. Dana McElroy

      Thank you for letting them finish their story together!

    78. Empress Sarah

      That's Beautiful (。♡‿♡。)❤️

    79. jaxflfreebird

      Phoenix's eyes look glazed over later after he has been with Ghost for a while. In the other video he did appear to be much more tense and looking around. Phoenix now has the peace of having his girl by his side. Later, if he was a human male, he'd be miserable and his wife would tell him how "We need to talk" and how she wants a divorce. Phoenix is lucky he is only a horse. Good for you Phoenix and also Ghost. Way to go and not be a lousy human being.

    80. T5 BloodDrip

      Anybody else waiting for their tape?

    81. Caroline Laronda

      I wonder if my boyfriend loves me like Phoenix loves Ghost..🤔

    82. hizgrase

      So much missing information I feel like we didn’t get the whole story like why was the horse jumping over the fence how did she know where to find him where is the rest of his family? This is the first time I’ve ever seen a photo clip that I feel really left out.

    83. Clare Saxton

      This is beautiful this should be made into a movie

    84. Nia Angh


    85. Jacob G

      A video title written by someone who doesn't understand herd hierarchies or horses' behavior in general

    86. Kaylen Bowlby

      Awww this is so sweet

    87. OLACA 2017 Graduates

      Woman I love you and your good heart.

    88. Kohoru

      *when a horse has a better relationship then you*

    89. Cherrol Bibby

      What a beautiful love story horses are amazing thank you for sharing x

    90. Kitty Doggy

      Simply beautiful.

    91. Ava Kate

      Incredible! We need to make more laws for the protection of these amazing animals.

    92. Ashley Hughes

      That hoses name should have been spirit!

    93. Justine Forlong

      Bless you xxx

    94. Doug Morse

      Cool story ...i love horses wish i had a place to enjoy one thanks for ypur story....

    95. Lynne Kaluzniak

      Beautiful story

    96. Lamin Jatta

      So beautiful

    97. Joe Mama


    98. niben71

      Damn those onions!

    99. videoslue

      Thank God for people like you 🙏

    100. jjai471

      Bureau of Land Management still rounding up wild horses, killing them off at taxpayer expense and renting/selling the lands they occupied to ranchers and their countless cattle at a pittance?

      1. Bailey Evans

        It’s illegal to kill them, and they have to round them up to maintain balance. They are given thousands of acres to run, and alfalfa hay. This is a beautiful story though...